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SAVANT & USAI brand LED lighting fixtures

SAVANT & USAI brand LED lighting fixtures

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Easy Living with Technology is now a certified lighting designer using the latest Full-Color and Tunable-White LED Light Fixtures.

Brighten your mood with colors from SAVANT Automation and USAI brand LED Light Fixtures. New heights of color control and Advanced Lighting Solutions that transform your home with a touch. Set a range of hues and brightness to accompany your daily routine — for work, play, yoga or just relaxing with your family and friends. Operation of ALL your lights is EASY - or, you can mimic Circadian Rhythm throughout your home or office.

Circadian Rhythm mimics the natural progression of light levels and color of the sun throughout our day on earth.  This type of light has been discovered by researchers to impact biological responses in plants and animals through a nonvisual pathway. For humans, this response has evolved in response to the natural light dark cycle, which means human health and wellness can be optimized by exposure to light that mimics natural light. Natural light patterns provide exposure to high levels of short wavelength enriched light in the first part of the day and lower levels of light with reduced short wavelength content towards the end of the day, with darkness in the evenings.

For more detailed information of the color-wheel controls, and the many fixture types we have, please click this link:

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