Home Cinemas


Our Theaters are just simply fabulous!  A good Theater, with an IMMERSIVE Screen, now moves you into what's truly considered a Home Cinema!  These EXTRA LARGE movie screens are called 2.35 or 2.40 Cinemascope Filmscreens.  With special lens and motorized masking panels on the screen, you'll never watch your "Feature Presentation" with those hidious BLACK BARS again!  Plus, our best speaker packages will make your Cinema an actual THX CERTIFIED ROOM, meaning the actual SOUND going into your ears, at your seating position, meets the THX Sound Curve - The Best Available Sound.  At this level, it's over the top fun, impressive, moving, and you can FEEL it.  It's NOT just LOUD, as in "Turn it Down!", it's way better than that - and ANYONE can appreciate this type of Quality Sound.

Our Theaters become most people's favorite room in the house!  Enjoy these photos, use as an idea generator to help inspire YOUR next favorite room!  A special THX! to our customers!

All photos are taken at the job site - These are not stock images.